Am I too fat ??

Brainwashing is being told one thing for so long and so many times that we believe in it, even if it's not true. No matter how strong psyche we have, I think nobody will be insensitive of being exposed to this form of influence over the long haul.

I myself have been a victim of brainwashing!

Ever since I was young, I've been told that I'm too fat! Not by my family. Not by my friends. They have never expressed anything other than that I am just as I should be. Nevertheless ...

All advertising - absolutely ALL commercials tell me something about how I should look! Commercials for shoes, toothpaste, car, rail, insurance ... Whatever is advertised, then it is slim, beautiful models that shows off things - and that simultaneously says something about how I should look. We reserved us against unaddressed advertising in the mailbox, but what does it help when advertising is everywhere! Television, magazines, newspapers, internet, signs along the road ...

There is two things that is impossible: 1. To say that I will not expose myself for advertising! 2. To believe that I can avoid being influenced by advertising! I am not AGAINST advertising, but I am saddened by what it has done with me.

I want to be pleased with myself. Being able to think that I'm OK though my waistline does not swing inward. That having a "car tire" around the stomach does not make me ugly - but when I EVERY DAY, wherever I look, are faced with impressions that says: You ARE too thick! Then it becomes difficult not to believe it myself.

Fruen på bruen

I've always had a few kilos too much compared to what the world around me tells me that I should, and most days circles some thought around in my head which is about dieting. I am fed up having it this way. I want to protest, but do not know who I could protest against. The promo is here to stay. There's nothing I can do about that.

I will use the method I have used many times before, the one who gets the monsters under the bed to disappear, - namely, to "turn on the light!" Putting words on what is difficult, can be a good way to put holes in painful balloons which grows inside the heart. So now I say to myself and to the whole world:

"I am NOT fat, I'm actually just the right size, what I intend to continue to be!!