Party game for all ages

When I was leading a summer party, I made a breeze that was handsome for all to participate in, young, adult and elderly. It is also suitable to play that game with students, in children's parties, weddings - and whenever someone would do something fun together.


My version of the 50-game is as follows:

Instead of spending a lot of time making all 50 questions yourself, I let guests create their own questions. I wrote out 50 numbered sheets. (First attachment) All guests were told to write their name on the sheet, and make a question about themselves - with three alternative answers. The manager needs to know which option is right. This must be marked in the answer key. (Last attachments)

The sheets were collected, and then I got a little help of some young people to hang them up both outside and inside the house. If the game should be extra hard, sheets can be laid so that they must be reversed for someone to be able to see what number it is.

The whole assembly were split into age groups mixed with about 5 per team. The game can be implemented in three ways:

1. Fastest Time:

Use two dice. One from each team will come forward and throw the dice. No one is allowed to start until everyone has done this. The dice are summed, and then the groups find the sheet with this number. Example: The dice showing 2 and 4. This will be 6. The group will then find sheet No. 6.

When the group will answer a question, everyone must get back to the manager. (If there are very many groups you may want to have two or three leaders who stand in different positions to accommodate them. All managers must have a key.)

If the group answers correctly, they are allowed to throw both dice again, and then adds this figure to what they already have. Example: The dice showing 1 and 3. The sum of 4. They were on post 6. 6 + 4 = 10. The group will now find sheets no. 10

If they answer incorrectly, they were only allowed to throw one dice, and then adds this figure to what they already have.

The group that first comes to Record No. 50 are the winners. The manager can then decide whether he will quit, or he will hold on to the 2nd and 3rd place is named ...

2. Whoever takes a little longer:

Use one dice. The same procedure as above, but if the group answers incorrectly, they must roll the dice until they get 1, 2 or 3. If the group answers correctly, they may only roll once, or they can roll until they get 4, 5 or 6.

3. Whoever takes the longest time:

Use one dice, but when the group answers incorrectly, they must go back as many records as the dice shows. Ex: If the group has answered wrong on post 12 and trills a four, they must answer questions 8 next time.

50-leken fasi
Lederen krysser av for rett svar etter hvert som han får inn spørsmållappene.

Another variant is to conduct game with students after working with a particular topic, and allows students to create questions for this.

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Here are the 50 questions sheets: 50 leken - til utfylling

Here is the answer key that must be filled: 50 leiken fasit - til utfylling