My shopping day

On our way home yesterday, we stopped at Kvadrat (Square), one of Norway's largest shopping centers. The girls wanted to spend some time there to do some shopping. I had promised Olav to get home in time for the evening milking, so we had plenty of time.


On this shopping, I saved a lot of money!

20150629_113753I looked at some beautiful earrings I liked very much, but then I thought about this; I have a couple at home that I have not used yet. I have to use them before I add any to my collection.


At the book store there were a lot of new and interesting books. I love to read, and several of the books tempted - but I have two books on the nightstand at home that I have not read yet, and a girlfriend has a big shelf full of books that she has offered me to borrow. Thus, no new books for me today.

There is a shop there that sells the most beautiful dresses you can imagine. Especially beautiful. Such as we use when we're going to weddings, and like young girls are wearing when they go to their ball. I love to look at those gorgeous dresses, but do not know if some occasions where I could have used them myself. A lady tried to take selfies of herself in a dress. I offered to take pictures of her so that the entire dress would show. She gave me her cell phone, and I took some pictures - as I commented on how beautiful the dress was on her.

At Cubus they had some cosmetics on sale. I found a few little things that I needed, but the queue was so long at the cashier that I put everything back.

In the music store, I asked for seals for my accordion. I've been looking for them for many years. They did not have any but could order them for me. Well - then I can order them online myself.

On "Obs" they had various types of bluetooth headphones.1373959567703 It would be nice to have when I work outdoors. Then I could listened to music while I work without a cord hanging. But then I thought that what makes me enjoy working out is that it gives me peace to think. I like to have time to be by myself. Time to go alone and ponder life. If I were working with music in my ears, I would lose the peace and joy that I'm so fond of.

20150629_114058There are so many stores there, and so much to see that makes me completely exhausted! Store sales signs everywhere: 20%, 30%, 50%, Take 3 - Pay for 2, half price ... I get tired by just standing outside of the stores and looking in at all these things. Clothing in perpetuity! I do not understand how all these stores will be able to sell all of it !! It is enough for me to be a windowshopper!

But I did some shopping at the end; a package raisin buns and chocolate buns, and a Coke that could keep me awake for the rest of the trip home. After all this shopping, I'm pretty pleased with myself! And grateful. Grateful for all the beauty I can rejoice to LOOK at, but that I do not NEED to buy.