«Mad cow»

Today I laughed so my udder shooked and my milk drops dripped! My youngest daughter Lilly was out of control. We had to be out all day. The farmer's wife came as usual to bring us into the evening milking. Most of us went quietly and calmly - as usual, but Lilly went back and chewed on straws along the road. She's not three years yet, still only a heifer - so she's still a little playful and wanton


I'll let her tell on herself:

I went completely in my own thoughts while I was trying to get me some of the juicy stalks along the road. When I looked up again, the other disappeared. I ran after to find them again, when I suddenly discovered that the door to all my dreams had been opened! Maybe someone thought that we all had come in, - but fortunately - not I!

There the meadow lay open for me - with all its luscious green and marvelous grass. I wandered into it. My paradise! Ah so delicious it was to feel straws tickle me under the belly. First I had to run a lot - drunk on happiness! Actually I was quite filling, but surrounded by this huge and delicious dessert I just had to eat everything I could get in myself!

Suddenly I saw the farmer's wife come rambling. I think she was just as happy as me, because she jumped and ran and waved her arms. I was not quite sure if she wanted us to run a race, or if we were playing catch. I decided the last one, for that I do love best myself. And you must not think she would get me! Fortunately, I have four feets, and she just two.

You should have seen how fast we ran! I sprang first - and she afterwards - down the meadow behind the house, up the other side of the road, all along the large meadow there, back and above the road again. In some places the grass was so high that she could hardly see me. There I took my time to munching me a little again, but before she had come right up to me, I glanced slyly at her before I took another round. "You can not catch me," MOOO-ed I happy before I flew away.

But all that is fun must also come to an end. I was actually pretty tired of running. Finally I decided to go home. When I came up on the road again, looking beyond the meadow, I saw that I had made a beautiful pattern in the tall grass! It actually looked like a maze!

When I came to the barn door, I turned to look for the farmer's wife. I moo-ed a final "thank you for playing with me," before I went in and found my space. The last thing I saw was that she lay down in the grass. Maybe she would play hide and seek with her two daughters who had also come rambling ...


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